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Oct 31, 2023
Ducatti says:
I'm absolutely thrilled to take the plunge into the world of token-gated communities and smart contracts on Belong! The best part? No more pesky fees, and with the <a>founders pass</a>, you can enjoy a delightful 0% commission on your first five collection launches. Belong's iOS app has completely transformed community management. It's user-friendly and offers a secure Discord alternative, ensuring your experience is not only hassle-free but also ultra-secure. And here's the kicker – you'll have access to brand new perks for your community, including extra chat rooms, all without any additional costs. When it comes to gating your Hub and community with NFTs, you're granting exclusive access to pass holders, creating a sense of privilege and exclusivity. Belong's audited smart contract generation not only saves you money but also ensures your presence on major platforms, increasing your visibility.
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