Pajevonys, Vilkaviškis distr., Lithuania


It is believed that Pajevonys was the first religious and administrative centre where the Suduva dukes used to live. In the centre of the settlement there is wooden sculpture created according to a legend, and a monument it Vytautas the Great, that outlived all the soviet period.

Pajevonys (Kunigiskiai) Mound

Next to Pajevonys village there is Pajevonys (Kunigiskiai) mound. with an ancient settlement, which is listed in the Register of the National Immovable Cultural Properties. There are always many events held near this Pajevonys (Kunigiskiai) mound: from ancient days of crafts to the shows of archers as well as knights of a knight brotherhood 'Viduramzių Pasiuntiniai' ('Medieval Messengers').

Dabravole mound

When driving from Pajevonys towards Vistytis, approximately in the 7th kilometer, on the left hand side there stands Dabravole mound. In its foot there grows a multi-trunk lime-tree, which spread into 31 trunks.

Native land of Vincas Kudirka

In Paezeriai you will definitely visit an authentic little granary of V. Kudirka - a writer. a public figure, a doctor, and an author of Lithuanian anthem. During the period of World War I Kudirka's homestead was destroyed, only the little granary remained which was his favorite. In 1967, when the interior of the granary was repaired, a memorial museum of Vilkaviskis region was opened.

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