Panevezys – is the city in northern Lithuania, in central Lithuania lowland, on both sides of Nevezis, 136 km to northwest of Vilnius. It is one of the major cities of Lithuania (fifth largest). Panevezys is the center of district and of the region municipality of Panevezys. There are 109 999 (2011) residents, the area is 52 km².
There are many charming places in Panevezys. Walk around town and visit interesting places. Start from the Freedom square in the summer it is dressed by flowering flowers and fountains. In winter you can look around the shop windows, have dinner at the cafes. There stands Juozas Miltinis drama Theatre in the square it earned legendary fame for the city. In addition to the theater - there is Nevezis oxbow. Circumvention of the bed of the river flow is equipped a beautiful pond, there are construction of pedestrian trails, built little bridges. Walking the bayou you will view the original sculptures. On the other reverse side of the river through the treetops you will see the emerging St. Apostles Peter and Paul Church towers rising into the sky. Bayou is decorated by mill wich was built in 1848, now it is renovated into a luxury hotel "Romantic. Rise by steps to the street of Shore" from the wash. 21 th numbered the oldest building in town, built in 1614 year. Nearby, in a cozy courtyard, you will find waggon Puppet Theater. Also standing beside it narrow gauge railway wagon equipped with a cafe. In the theater, you can order an hour tour of the theater or performance. In Republic Street, visit in the 1905 set up Juozas Masiulis the first bookstore in Panevezys, and it is now running. In this European bookstore you will find books in many languages. In front of the bookstore – there is photo gallery. Nearby - a favorite with townspeople Panevezys local lore museum, which was founded in 1925 by the society of Panevezys native to study the country. Ethnographic museum keeps the memory of baltai tribe. You will admire a beautiful butterfly and insect’ collection, see the exhibition wich is viewinig. From the museum you will slide to the arts gallery. Here is hosting various exhibitions, concerts, there are exhibits of artist that are coming from different countries to annual international symposia of ceramic. In the street of Republic you can sit in cozy coffee, and then extend the tour of Independence Square. The bells of the Blessed Trinity church calls to Catholics worship. Gardens' Street will lead up to the cathedral of Christ the King. If you are not tired, find Juozas Miltinis heritage study center. It keeps a huge library of the famous film director, rehearsal recordings. Return to the city center through the marketplace - and maybe you will find something interesting here too. In J. Biliunas Street (in the former air base area) is located the glass art studio
"Glasremis", wich creates beautiful colored glassware jobs. Visiting here you will see how a colorless glass becomes a fantastic piece of art. Funny spend time traveling by a little train: narrow Aukstaitija gauge railway offers charter trips with theatrical train robberies, country marketplace or the appearance of choir.

Isle’ day and music’ evening in Panevezys.

Spend the day in a cozy and artistic heart of the city Panevezys. First, take a walk in Freedom Square, Senvage and Republic Street. After a review you should feel romantic - take an evening for chamber communication and music. The trip will start from creating modern sculpture park in the cozy centre of Panevezys. Stone sculptures lining in the Liberty Square and in Senvage. Inspect new and the sculptures that already have a history. Artists refused to large-scale, concentrating all the attention to the original idea, plasticity, play of textures and a playful-utilitarian purpose. On the sculptures you also will be able to sit, play chess or throw small coins into a specially designed cavity. In the Liberty Square, stands the sculpture "Window" - through it you will look at the modern rock tracks and the heart of the city - the square and the townspeople favorite Senvage. Stop and near the "Window" accommodated A. Pajuodis "Alternative plane“.In front of the Panevezys J. Miltinis Drama Theatre, there is built a monument (author Regimantas Midvikis)for the legendary director, and the founder of the city drama theatre. Descending to Senvage, stop at the monument to Grand Duke of Lithuania and King of Poland, Alexander, founder of the city of Panevezys (sculptor Stanislav Kuzma, Arch. Valdas Klimavicius). Senvagėje rock tracks review start in accordance with the right. First, you will see V. Martisius "Tree of life", behind it- R. Kazlauskas, "Saulys", Panevezys artist V. Tallat Kelpsa "Prologue" and under the spruces hidden Latvian D. Volkov "Fern blossom". If you are walking not alone, sit on for merry chatting inviting V. Tallat Kelpša sculpture "Saddle for two". Stairs went down to the water, you could feed ducks and swans, and also you will view granite stones composition "Beautiful" (sculptor A. Siderkevicius). Your attention will be atracted to Senvage waters incopming, from one city place to another traveled, and finally finding Panevezys symbol "Cancer" (sculptor A.Pajuodis). After admiring it sit on a nearby built S. Tallat Kelpsa "Bench for lonely". Going further you should inspect the Mexican sculptor Fouberto De La Vegas "Family", A. Pajuodis "Cornerstone", D. Dovydavicius "Open". Stop at the “Chess player”. Its author, sculptor from Alytus, R. Dirzys as a prototype chosen scandalous American boxer Mike Tyson, claiming that this is the first monument in Lithuania built for African-American. Of course, you will notice in the shade of trees housed A. Smilginis sculpture "Besimaudanti" ("Torso"). In the isle of Senvage enjoy "Bard" (sculptor J. Genevicius) and sit to relax. You will enjoy and two sculptures exhibited in Senvage - Latvian artist I. Dobicinsas "Stone theatre" and the vivacious T. Pavilionis "Little earing". Through hotel "Romantic" blast off to the pedestrian bridge and turn left. After you reach the street of Respublic, look at the historic ex-former Agricultural Bank (now DnB NORD) building. When you enter inside, you will see in 1931 famous Panevezys sculptor Juozas Zikaras created twelve "Atlantos", holding bank dome. To J. Balcikonis gymnasium you will see Panevezys sculptor B. Bucas in 1970 created by Gabriele Petkevicaite - Bite - the writer, literary critic, journalist, teacher’ – bust. In the street of the 16th of February, next to the theatre "Art", stands a sculpture of Don Quixote. This lively variety of metals and colored glass work is created by artist H. Orakauskas. Go back to Liberty Square. Before completing the tour of the sculpture park, stop to the expressive A. Tamosaitis "Coral", A. Vytenas "Transformation" and V. Tallat Kelpsa "Nest". It is time for a cup of coffee. Then walk down the street of Ramygala toword the gallery "Art Home". Here you will spend several warm and musically houors, listening to the song writer and performer Sigitas Stankunas performed music. Songwriter and singer Sigitas Stankunas in his home founded the "Arts home", and made them a small gallery. In the Gallery regularly work at various paintings, prints, photographs and ceramics exhibition. Afooted a variety of themed evenings with singers, poets and many other artists become concert-lessons and concerts-get-together. S. Stankunas themed music evenings have been delighted not only Panevezys residents, but also city guests. Careful selected themes of concerts, giving priority to creation of Lithuanian authors, encourage the audience to rediscover the poetry and music tune, think about their own existence frailty and the everyday celebrating. During the evenings you will chat with the author of songs, and other listeners, enjoy a glass of wine. After the event, you will feel refreshed and elated. We hope that you enjoy the art tour, and Panevezys will remain in your memory as warm and creative city.

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