Krekenava regional park

Dobrovolės village, Krekenava . LT-38301 Panevezys district, Lithuania

Krekenava regional park
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Krekenava regional park

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Krekenava regional park

Krekenava regional park established in 1992 to preserve Nevezis middle of the valley landscape, its natural ecosystems , cultural heritage values and manage them rationally.
Regional Park area - 11 589.7 ha. The area stretches across the valley Nevezis, covers part of the Krekenava, Upyte, Naujamiestis and Ramygala in Panevezys district, municipality and part of Surviliskis in Kedainiai district.
Regional Park area is in the Middle Lithuania Lowland. Plains and and cultivated fields in the land of the valley remained Nevezis old valley complex nature of furrows. With Liaudes and Upyte and Linkava river valleys, lush meadows of the valley, wet and difficult to cross, Pasiles. Gringaliai. Kalnelis and Remygala forests, wetlands. Nevezis old valley - the biggest value of landscape in the Middle Lithuania. A lot of the old horseshoe shaped ridge remains there over time replacing the riverbed.
In the park is found 1,019 species of plants. including 37 reserved. In Nevezis valley and its tributaries - the valleys of rivers is in the remaining natural grassland communities. Here grows a rare species of plants. Much of the park area consists of forests, scattered old oak woodland. In forests can be seen rare plants: the Royal Glinde, hollow ruthenium and others.
In Regional Park are found 844 species of animals - 43 reserved. In the park are living a number of mammals: otters, dormouse, beavers, deer, wild boars, roe deer, daniels. In forests and fields can meet wandering bison (Bison Bonasa). Some of them are bred Pasiles stumbryne , others walk free (about 50 animals).
In Krekenava Regional Park are many attractions of cultural heritage objects: Pasiles stumbrynas, J.Tumo-Vaizganto Book smuggling Museum, "Girinio takas" , Bakainiu mound, Cicinskas Hill, Burveliu hill, stone Rapolas, Daniliskes lime avenue, and so on. It is proposed to set out to travel pedestrians, bicycles, car routes. Districts can be overview by sailing In Nevezis river. Those who like quiet rest can stay at the resorts and fitted tourism farms.
All information about the park, it’s amenities and attendance given in Krekenava Regional Park Visitor Center.

Krekenava RP visitor center address:
Dobrovolės village, in Krekenava . LT-38301 Panevezys district
Tel./faks.8 45454040
E-mail. P. :

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