Rudamina Mound with Settlement

Rudamina village, Lazdijai raj., Lithuania

Rudamina Mound with Settlement
Aut. Andrius Vanagas

It is one of the most famous monuments of Jotvingiai tribe that once lived in Užnemunė. The mound covers 22,83 ha area. It was heaped on the shore of a former lake, on the top of isolated, high and massive hill. The hill base covers 2 ha, and its absolute height is as much as 195 m above the sea level. The hill is surrounded by wetlands and swamps. According to T. Narbutas and J. Basanavičius, in Rudamina, on site of Jotviangian castles, the duke Ringaudas in 1240 built his own castle where in 1251 Mindaugas was coronated as the king.  

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