The Kaukai Mound

Miroslavas, Alytus distr.

The Kaukai Mound

The Kaukai Mound. The Kaukai (Obelyte) complex is not far from Miroslavas, on the left bank of the Perseke runlet. The complex is set up of two mounds that are in two different villages, a pertinent of the castle (suburbium) and a subjacent village. The main mound was in the highland of the Perseke runlet left bank winding. The other mound, Obelyte, tree-covered and almost decayed now was on the right bank. A big territory of the pertinent of the castle had a garden and of farmstead. One can climb up the wooden steps to the Kaukai mound.

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skrrt 2017-11-22 11:01
jusu informacija sudina prasau praplatinti arba as uzdrausiu jums reklamuoti reklamas

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