St. Mary’s Birth Church in Nemunaitis

Nemunaitis, Alytus district

St. Mary’s Birth Church in Nemunaitis
Aut. Virginijus Dadurkevičius

St. Mary’s Birth Church in Nemunaitis is one of the most beautiful in Lithuania. The stone church contains elements of neogothic, has a high tower and side turrets, the interior is of three naves, vaulted. The churchyard is decorated with arched gates and roadside poles with statuettes of saints. The first wooden church in Nemunaitis was built in 1625-1626. The priest Feliksas Baltuska took care of the present church construction. In 1930 the parson Adalbertas Vaitiekus Zelnys set up the Lourdes grotto in the churchyard.

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