St. Trinity's Church in Rumbonys

Rumbonys, Alytus district, Lithuania

St. Trinity's Church in Rumbonys

St. Trinitys Church in Rumbonys was built in 1795. A small wooden church has elements of folk architecture and classicism, rectangular, has no tower, a hall with six pillars portico. A sculptor Kazys Krisciukaitis and a painter Antanas Zmuidzinavicius decorated the church in 1913. People notice that this church reminds of a small wooden copy of the Arch cathedral of Vilnius.
One may see a white marble gravestone on the grave of the count’s daughter Juzefa Korevaite in the Rumbonys village cemetery. This gravestone is a listed a work of art. Till now we have knowledge that a famous Warsaw sculptor Pijus Velionskis created this gravestone looking at the photograph of Juzefa who died in 1908. Not far from there one can climb Rumbonys mound from where an underground tunnel led to Punia mound on the other bank of the Nemunas River, according to legend.

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