The St. Guardian Angels' Church

Savanoriu Str. 14, Alytus

The St. Guardian Angels' Church

The St. Guardian Angels' Church (Savanoriu Str. 14, Alytus) was built in 1830 replacing St. Ann’s chapel that was there already in XVII century. The present-day interior of the church contains neobaroque elements and it is very colourful and palatial, having sacramental articles of values. 114 volunteers who died for Lithuanian’s Independence are buried in the churchyard. Antanas Juozapavicius, the first officer who was killed by Bolshevik bullet on the Alytus Bridge, the teacher Juozas Bloznelis, beaten by the Polish Army, and other Lithuanian and Alytus men of merit are buried among them. Vytautas Kasuba is the sculptor of one of the gravestones in the churchyard.

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