Amber Gallery "Kryžių kalnas"

Aušros Vartų st 17, Vilnius, Lithuania

Gintaro galerija „Kryžių kalnas“

Gintaro galerija „Kryžių kalnas“

Gintaro galerija „Kryžių kalnas“

Gintaro galerija „Kryžių kalnas“

Amber Gallery “Kryžių kalnas” is established in a baroque style house built in the 17th century, which till 19th century was a palace of count Oginskis. From that time many things had changed, but the building still have authentic baroque cellar and original house structure. Interior is from the beginning of 19th century, remained authentic wooden ceiling, floor, paintings on the walls and furnace can be discovered.
Today gallery presents constantly changing contemporary jewelry, sculpture, painting and photography exhibitions. Gallery collaborates with Lithuanian and foreign artists.
There are three exhibition spaces: in one of them there is permanent exhibition on sacred theme, other two spaces are dedicated for various contemporary artists.
There is also an exhibition of unique jewelry and small plastic pieces with amber. The aim of Amber Gallery is to bring the amber to contemporary human lifestyle and rhythm. Here you can find articles for people who seek extravagant, original and exclusive amber jewelry. Amber Gallery cooperates with the artists who occasionally present their jewelry made of precious metals. All goods are certificated.

Amber Gallery "Kryžių kalnas"
17 Aušros Vartų st., Vilnius
Phone: 8-5 2125791
Opening hours:06-08 I-VII 10.00-19.00

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