Art Center of Baltic Amber

12 Šv. Mykolo st., Vilnius, Lithuania

Baltijos gintaro meno centras

Baltijos gintaro meno centras

Baltijos gintaro meno centras

Baltijos gintaro meno centras

In the museum of Art Center of Baltic Amber you see an amber road, which is presented in an original and artistic way: drops of amber rolling down the pine; enormous creatures which walked in amber trees forest; natural amber pieces caught by Lithuanian amber fishermen in the stormy Baltic Sea; variety of amber colors and shapes.
Inclusions create special value: like through the ship porthole you view the world of flora and fauna that existed 50 million years ago and got conserved safely in amber. The most valuable exhibit is a lizard in the amber piece. There are only few such inclusions in the world.
Very important object in the museum is sanctum of the pagans. It tells us about ritual places of pagans and the rites. Amber was very important part of these rituals. It is believed that amber could pacify raging gods, make dreams and expectations come true. Even nowadays in a pagan sanctum you may throw a pinch of fragrant amber dust, to pacify yourself and the gods by prayer.
Art Center of Baltic Amber is a member of Fine Crafts Association in Vilnius. A modern studio allows observing one of the oldest crafts: processing of amber, archaic processing tools, even opportunities to make own amber amulet, which according to our ancestors, beautifies and guards us. One of the objects of Art Center of Baltic Amber is to show processing of amber. We organise amber processing lessons for students and visitors from different towns of Lithuania and the entire world for many years.
Cultural layers of Vilnius dating back to 15th century, various archeological findings, autentic ceiling paintings can be seen.
Anybody willing to get acquainted with amber closer may have a unique chance to touch a natural amber piece, to smell it, to taste a specific amber drink made in traditional way, to walk barefoot on small amber pieces and feel particularly powerful energy, which is produced by unique amber machine. Here you receive hints on how to tell real amber from artificial.
In Art Center of Baltic Amber visitors may see expositions of Lithuanian and foreign artists works, buy certified amber jewellery. Lectures, seminars about amber, pagans, balts’ culture and Lithuanian history are regularly read here.


Craft lessons
One of the object of Art Center of Baltic Amber is to show processing of amber. We orgnanise amber processing lessons for children and adults. Excursion and amber proccesing lessons can be led in Lithuanian, English, German, Russian languages. Profesional artist Raimundas Padleckas (Professional jeweller, member of Lithuanian artist association) shows amber processing.
For further information please call: (85) 212 04 99, email:

Lectures, seminars
In Art Center of Baltic Amber lectures, seminars about amber, pagans, balts culture are read by well know Lithuanian scientists and professors.

Art Center of Baltic Amber
12 Šv. Mykolo st, LT-2001 Vilnius
Phone/Fax: 8-5 2120499
Opening hours: I-VII 09.00-18.00


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