Birzuvenai estate

Birzuvenai village, Luoke sub district, Telsiai distr., Lithuania

Birzuvenai estate

In Biržuvėnai settlement there have still remained 22 buildings of the estate homestead. By the weir there is being renewed the estate‘s mill and and power plan, there has been rebuilt the old bridge. There is a park with the ponds, not far there is located the legendary “Pixie‘s foot“ and the chapelpole, erected in 1764 by the noblemen Gorskiai, located about 0,5 km from the estate.

It was the only one remaining wooden architectural estate complex in Lithuania. By the end of 2004 the central building of the estate has burned down, nevertheless after the fire there have remained furnaces, fireplaces, decorated with the unique ancient tiles, the blazon of Gorskiai is still visible on them.

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