Brevikiai estate

Brevikiai village, Gadunavas sub distr., Telsiai distr., Lithuania

Brevikiai estate
Aut. E.Macienė

The Brėvikiai estate can be reached from Alsėdžiai town going 3 km eastwards. Since the old times the Brėvikiai estate has belonged to the old family of Narutavičiai. This family has received a blazon during the 1413 acts of Horodle. On this occasion their old surname has been changed into Narutowicz.

In this estate there was born Stanislovas Narutavičius (1862–1932), liberal, landlord, founder of the “Alsėdžiai republic“, signatory of the Lithuanian Independence Act. His brother Gabrielis Narutavičius (1865–1922) – famous scientist, professor, in 1922 elected as the first president of the Polish Republic.

Up till now there have remained the wooden residential house (palace), barn, remains of the cellar, part of the old estate alley. There has been started to arrange the museum of Stanislovas Narutavičius.

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