Dziuginenai estate

Dziuginenai village, Gadunavas sub distr., Telsiai distr., Lithuania

Dziuginenai estate
Aut. A.Žebrauskas

Dziuginenai estate
Aut. R.Kincius

Approximately 4 km from Telšiai, at the famous Džiuginėnai mound, where, according the legend, has been made the grave of the Telšiai town founder giant Džiugas, is situated Džiuginėnai estate. The first data about this locality appeared in the historic sources in the XVIII century yet. The estate consists of 4 buildings, whereof one is residential and 3 household. The life of this estate is related to the famous in Samogitia family of noblemen Gorskiai, writer Žemaitė, artist, explorer of the Samogitian art, photographer J. Perkovskis.

The south west flank of the Džiuginėnai village is being rinsed by the Germantas lake – not big, the area is 162 ha, though due to the especially clean water the residents of Telšiai and tourists like it very much.

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