Laukstenai village, Telsiai district, Lithuania

Aut. H.Rave

Aut. T.Lekavičius

Aut. T.Lekavičius

Žvėrinčius has been founded in 1996 in Ubiškė forestry, aiming to get the society acquainted with the wild animals‘ life. Here is made a 14,7 ha fence in the forest for boars, fallow – deers, moufflons and there is a 2,4 ha lot in the forest for wolves. In the beginning of 2006 in Žvėrinčius there have lived 2 brown bears, 2 boars, 8 fallow – deers, 3 wolves, 9 moufflons, 7 lynxes, a hind. For the visitors comfort of observing the wild animals life there have been erected two panorama platforms and an arbour, made a playing ground for children, erected an oak with the nesting – boxes and a stand with the descriptions of the most widespread beasts and birds in Lithuania.

Cell phone: +370 686 33137

Source: www.telsiaitic.lt 

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