Seimyniskeliai (Voruta) mound

Anykščiai district

Seimyniskeliai (Voruta) mound

The Castle of the King Mindaugas that was located there in the 13th century was bounded with the name of Voruta – the first capital of the Lithuanian State. It is located not far from Anykščiai, near the New Elmininkai. It is the most explored mound in the Lithuania at these days. It is the most widely explored mound in all the East Baltic, too. The results of the archeologists let us reproduce the real plan of the castle. It has been a big dream from 1997 till 2009, to built a new authentic wooden castle as the sign of respect to our historical past. The castle should become the ,,alive museum” with a real battles of the knights. As if it was the first such kind of building in Lithuania, built in the authentic area, it should engage the different people in Lithuania and abroad.

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Algirdas Rimaitis 2015-02-15 16:14
Suzavetas.Bravo!Aciu uz toki uzmoji puoselejant didinga tautos praeiti.

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