The stone Puntuka's brother

Anykščiai district

The stone Puntuka's brother

Puntuka`s brother in Pašventupys pinewood is the second largest stone in Anykščiai district. It is 4 metres in length and 1.9 metres high. This stone is blocked by first and pines. It looks like a big animal with a big head stuck out of the ground. One of sides is cracked, so it really looks like the animal with an opened mouth. There are barrows near this stone. So people think that there have been an old town in ancient times. But there was nothing found to prove that this town existed. People say that once upon a time there lived 2 brothers who fell into disgrace of Perkūnas ( the Thunderer). Perkūnas turned them to stones and one of them carried away deep to the forest to the hardly found place. People forgot this stone, they even forgot this name...

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