Salomėja Nėris Memorial Museum

7 S. Nėries g., LT-52249, Kaunas, Lithuania

Salomėja Nėris Memorial Museum

Salomėja Nėris Memorial Museum

Salomėja Nėris Memorial Museum

Salomėja Nėris (Bačinskaitė-Bučienė, 1904-1945) – one of the outstanding Lithuanian poets lyrics in 20th century, had great talent and complicated fate. Her creation is a valuable treasure of national culture. Poetess poetry is translated into around thirty foreign languages. In 1927 was published her first poem book “Early Morning” (“Anksti rytą”), signed under pseudonym Salomėja Nėris. In 1931 m. was published second poem book – “Footmarks in the Sand” (“Pėdos smėly”). In 1935 m. – “Across Breaking Ice” (“Per lūžtantį ledą”). In 1938 m. was published poem book “I’ll Bloom as Wormwood” (“Diemedžiu žydėsiu”), for which Salomėja Nėris received highest Lithuanian award – The National Premium. In 1945, poetess compiled poem book “Near Big Road” (“Prie didelio kelio”). After editing and censoring was published with title “Nightingale Must Sing” (“Lakštingala negali nečiulbėti”). Only in 1994 was published original poem book compiled by poetess herself. It became very popular among readers.
In Kaunas suburb Palemonas, where she with her husband sculptor Bernardas Bučas planned and built a house, lived there in 1937-1941. On 22nd of June, 1941 after WWII began in Lithuania, Salomėja Nėris together with her little son Saulius moved to Russia. After the war she didn’t return to Palemonas.
In 1962 there was established memorial museum. Here are gathered S. Nėris and B. Bučas creative and memorial heritage, which accumulate about 6 thousand exhibits. There are handwritings, authentic typescripts, letters, photos, documents, memorial things, library, art works.
In 2004 museum was reconstructed. There were restored living surroundings of 20th century four of ten Lithuanian intellectuals’, memorial rooms: family’s living-room, bedroom, S. Nėris’ working room, B. Bučas’ workshop. At spacious hall, former summer workshop of B. Bučas, a modern exposition is set, which shows Salomėja Nėris’ way of live and creation.
The house has an original architecture, from terrace and balconies one can enjoy surrounding impressive nature views.

Working hours:
Tuesday – Saturday 9–17

Tickets prices:
Adults – 3 Lt;
Children, students, seniors – 1 Lt.

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