Adele and Paulius Galaunes House

Vydūno Aly. 2 LT-50285 Kaunas, Lithuania

Adele and Paulius Galaunes House

Adele and Paulius Galaunes House

The house belonged to Adelė Nezabitauskaitė-Galaunienė (1895–1962) and Paulius Galaunė (1890–1988) important figures in Lithuanian art and cultural life. It was built in 1932 with their resources and designed by architect A. Funkas (1898–1957). The independence act signatory and diplomat Kazys Bizauskas (1893–1941) lived in this house, together with his family, for seven years.
The House was opened on December 1996.

Ticket price-2 Lt.

Vydūno Aly. 2
LT-50285 Kaunas
Telephone number: +370 37 79 89 95


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