Liudas Truikys and Marijona Rakauskaitė Memorial Museum

14 E. Fryko St., LT-44229 Kaunas, Lithuania

Liudas Truikys and Marijona Rakauskaitė Memorial Museum

Liudas Truikys and Marijona Rakauskaitė Memorial Museum

The building was constructed in the 1940’s (architect E. Frykas). The memorial museum was opened on October 10, 1994, in the studio–flat where the artist Liudas Truikys, together with the opera prima donna Marijona Rakauskaitė, lived and worked from World War II until the end of their lives.
The exposition displays scenographic plans and sketches, a splendid collection of Asian carpets dating from the 18th and 19th centuries, a valuable book collection, Chinese silk rolls, Buddhist sculptures, enamels, porcelain as well as a collection of Lithuanian wooden folk sculptures. Part of the exhibition is dedicated to Marijona Rakauskaitė (1892–1975) – the famous opera prima donna and loyal companion of L. Truikys. Her family photographs, theatrical photographs and stage costumes are exhibited in the museum.

Ticket price-2 Lt.

E. Fryko St. 14
LT-44229 Kaunas
Telephone number: +370 37 22 99 67; +370 652 13621

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Peter Paul rakauskas, Jr. 2012-09-07 04:25
Marijona Rakauskas (Rakauskaite, Rakauskiene) is my cousin. She was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1892 , moved to Waukegan, Illinois with her family (fathers name was Miklos Rakauskas (Rakousky - Rakouski) in 1906. She left for Lithuania in 1923 and returned for a visit to Chicago 1937 during which she gave a concert at the Schubert Theater in Chicago.
I am hoping to find some photos of her during her stay in Kaunas. If you know of any source from which I might obtain copies I would appreciate the information. I am going to use her photos in our family history.

Sincerely, Peter Paul Rakauskas, Jr.
Lori 2013-11-02 16:55
Marijona was a bridesmaid in my grandparents
Wedding. Casimer and Petronella ( née Sandaraike)
Cepaitis. They were married in 1910 in Waukegan, Il
St. Bartholomew Church. The back of the photo
I have states that she was a famous opera singer.
To Lori:
Would like to talk, write or e-mail you concerning the Rakauskas family who lived in Waukegan, IL (Michael Rakauskas) and Chicago (Frank Rakauskas). Also would like to have a copy of the photo you mentioned.
my e-mail address is

Sincerely, Alfred F. Tenuta, Jr. (adoption name)
Peter Paul Rakauskas, Jr. (birth name)

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