Radio and Television Museum in Lithuania

Vilniaus St. 174, Šiauliai, Lithuania




The Museum was established in 1982 on initiative of local ethnographer Jonas Rimkevičius, under the wardship of Šiauliai Television Plant. In 1994, it became a part of Šiauliai Aušros Museum. The Museum reveals the development of sound and view recall, telecommunication devices, helps to get acquainted and understand the principles and potential of them, presents collections of rare exhibits, organizes exhibitions on variable occations concerning radio and television history.

Museum displays the 19th –20th c. symphonion, phonograph, gramophones, record-players, radio-receivers, first TV-sets – both Lithuanian and the foreign ones. Visitors are welcome to listen to the sounds of musical box (early19 th c.), vinyl records played by mechanical record-player, to send SOS or love signal using Morse code, to work with telegraph apparatus.

Address: Vilniaus St. 174, Šiauliai, tel. +370 41 52 43 99.
Opening hours: II–V 10am–6pm, VI 11am–5pm

Ticket – 2 Lt, with discount – 1 Lt.
Guided tour – 30 Lt, with discount – 15 Lt.

Photography / shooting in exposition – 5 / 10 Lt

Guided tours must be booked in advance by tel. +370 41 43 36 80, e-mail:
More information

* 50 % discount for school-children, students and pensioneers for visiting museum, guide services and educational activities.
* Free admission for preschoolers, pupils from children’s homes, disabled persons, museum specialists from Lithuania, ICOM members, the members of Šiauliai Aušros Museum Friends’ Club, teachers leading the groups of schoolchildren, groups of socially supported schoolchildren (the list must be presented). Other services of the Museum – with 50% discount.
Premises for events, photographing and filming of personal celebrations, guided tours must be booked in advance by tel. +370 41 43 36 80, e-mail:

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