Talksa lake

Siauliai, Lithuania

Talksa lake

Talkša Lake, merging with Ginkûnai Lake, is situated almost in the heart of the city. The area of Talkša Lake is 56.2 hectares, the average water depth is 3.5 metres, and the deepest point is 8.2 metres. Ginkûnai Lake, which has an area of 16 hectares, is situated north of Talkša Lake. In 2003, the Talkša ecological path was created on the eastern shore of Talkša Lake, in Talkša and Salduvë parks. The path has 23 stops with information stands, benches, turrets for bird observation, and a bridge over a little stream. The length of the path is approximately 5 kilometres. Specialists from the Institute of Botany designed the ecological path, marked all the stops, and prepared the informational material about the coastal flora and fauna of Talkša Lake, the variety of landscapes, and the history of this terrain. There are plans to make a rowing course and to make the shoreline suitable for sports and leisure.

Information source:
Siauliai tourism information center 

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