St. Apostles Peter and Paul’s Cathedral

Aušros takas 3, Šiauliai, Lithuania

St. Apostles Peter and Paul’s Cathedral

St. Apostles Peter and Paul’s Cathedral
Aut. Rimantas Lazdynas

The Apostles St. Peter and St. Paul's Cathedral is the first one to welcome each visitor. It seems that all roads leading to Šiauliai point directly towards this cathedral's 70-meter-high tower. Wars, fires and storms constantly devastated the cathedral, however after each restoration it appeared almost unchanged from the early XVII century - plastered in white, with a high tower and red tile roof. The renaissance-style building in the ambience of trees has many elements typical of medieval construction. It is not just so that famous Lithuanian writer Motiejus Valanèius called it "the most marvelous in Þemaièiai land", it is not just so that words like "splendid architecture" occurred in the laconic visitation acts of the XIX century. Forms of renaissance and mannerism as well as defensive elements are masterfully interlaced with each other in this building. Local traditions are perfectly combined with the experience of Central and Northern European countries. A metal cross commemorates a wooden chapel that once stood in this place. The southern part of the cathedral is decorated with the oldest sundial in Lithuania - the only clock of its kind showing the precise local time.

Aušros takas 3, Šiauliai
Tel. +370 41 528077

Information source:
Siauliai tourism information center 

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