Švendubrė, Druskininkai, Lithuania


Švendubrė is one of villages located in the Druskininkai forests near the Raigardas valley, 5 km from Druskininkai, Lithuania
The village was mentioned for the first time in historical documents in 1620. It is an old street village, which has been declared an architectural monument of local importance. Especially interesting are the old dzukish homesteads with distinctive fenced yards.
Around the village in an area of 20 sq km there are meadow seams with streams. Where the Nemunykštis river falls into the Nemunas river, there is a steep hill called the Black Mountain. In olden times it could have served as a defensive point. From the top of the hill there is a beautiful panorama: the blue waters of the Nemunas river, the Raigardas valley, covered with green carpet of grass.
In the distance you can see the Užubalis hill, overgrown with pine trees and bushes. Supposedly, in ancient times a small wooden castle could have stood here, surrounded by swamps and bushes.
To the north of the village there is a geological monument – the Švendubrė Stone (or the Devil's Rock), mentioned in many legends and folk stories.

More information: www.info.druskininkai.lt

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