Lithuanian Aviation Museum

132 Veiverių st., Kaunas

Lithuanian Aviation Museum

Lithuanian Aviation Museum

Collections. Stocks of the museum contain 18 000 displays of different fields of technology (2007). The major part of them are monuments of the history of aviation of Lithuania. 40 flying machines are among them. After signing an agreement on co-operation with the militarized fire-prevention unit of Kaunas on March 4, 1997, displays representing the history of fire fighting in Lithuania started being collected as well. 18 000 publications are stored in the library of the museum (2007). Exposition. “Lithuanian Aviation from birth to nowadays”. The visitors are shown 220 photographs reflecting development of the Lithuanian aviation from its birth to nowadays. In the center of hall the collection displays propellers of first airplanes of the air club and of the Lithuanian military aviation including ANBO designed by gen. A. Gustaitis. You may see 4 flying apparatus in the exposition. Beside them are lined aviation engines used in various periods. In the halls are demonstrated models of airplanes, flyers, gliders and helicopters of various times.

Tel..: +370 37 295 547
Fax.: (+370 37) 390357
Working hours: Opening times: Monday to Saturday 9–17.
Edmission fee: 4 Lt - adults, 2 Lt - pupils, students, pensioners. Tour - 10 Lt.


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