Museum of the Lithuanian sports

7 Muziejaus st., Kaunas, Lithuania

Museum of the Lithuanian sports

Exposition of History of the Lithuanian Sports, Muziejaus st. 7, Kaunas. Opened in 1993 sports exposition presents the history of the Lithuanian sports from its beginning to the present days. The largest share of the exposition is devoted to the most popular in Lithuania sport branch - basketball. There is won by Žalgiris basketball team in 1986 W. Jones Cup and personal belongings of basketball players M. Paulauskas and A. Sabonis. Objects of achievments in football, handball, boxing, swimming and boating are also present in the exposition. The exposition overviews life of Lithuanian sportsmen in emigration and exile and presents achievments of Lithuanian sportsmen living in emigration. You may see the original award belt with medals from Australian Boxing Championship of P. Mikuličius and tennis racket of Vitas Gerulaitis.

Tel..: +370 37 209820 
Fax.: +370 37 220 691 
Working hours: III - VII 10.00 - 17.00 
Edmission fee: 2 Lt for adults, 1 Lt for children 
Excursion price: 10Lt 

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