Seaside Regional Park

6 Vilties st., LT-92231, Klaipėda, Lithuania

Seaside Regional Park

Seaside Regional Park

Seaside Regional Park

The area of the Seaside Regional Park covers 5700 ha (2700 ha onshore and 3000 ha offshore). Protected natural heritage in the Seaside Regional Park: a strip of seaside dunes, Grand (24 m, so called Dutchman's cap) and Minor scarps, boulders, original seaside fauna and flora, important bird hatching habitats and areas of their rest during migration. The seaside strip between Karklė and Palanga, seaside dunes and the grassy lowland behind the dunes are included into the network of the EU protected areas „Natura 2000“ . Protected cultural heritage in the Seaside Regional Park: the only remained ship rescue station in Nemirseta, buildings of Karklė and Kalotė old schools, Karklė cemetery located in the closest vicinity of the sea, the site of former Karklė Evangelical-Lutheran church buildings, coastal artillery unit in the Kukuliškiai village.

Leisure and recreation in the Seaside Regional park

The best places for recreation – Kukuliškiai, Karklė, and Nemirseta beaches. Hikers and walkers: educational path „Litorina“ is arranged for the park visitors from the Dutchman's cap to Kukuliškiai village.. Walking along the path one can enjoy picturesque panoramic views of the Baltic Sea and the forest planted in the beginning of the 20th century, have a walk along a well-wooded promenade. Nemirseta educational path offers a possibility to familiarise with the most of the seaside plant species. The scarp of the Dutchman's hill and Nemirseta sightseeing are famous for especially fascinating views. Bikers: the park is easily accessed both from Palanga and Klaipėda by bicycle route 10. Tourists travelling by cars: driving in the park is permitted only on specially designed roads, car parking – in parking lots only. Bird watchers: a bird watching hut is built at the Plazė Lake to watch spring and autumn bird migrations; access to the hut from Karklė or Nemirseta by foot or bicycle only. Divers: Klaipėda diving clubs organize excursions to the see sunken ships and submarine canyons. In Karklė and Nemirseta fishers and divers can enjoy a trip to the sea by boat; there are designated departure grounds where tourists can bring and unload their fishing boats as well as kitesurfing or windsurfing equipment (a permit of Administration of Seaside Regional Park is required, contact phone number: (8-46) 41 24 83. Fishing in the park territory is permitted in the sea and the Kalotė Lake. Accommodation – in specially designed camps and campings, also in rural tourism farmsteads. Visits to Plazė Nature Reserve are permitted for educational purposes only, subject to a permit of Administration of Seaside Regional Park. For more information, please refer to the park website


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