The Exposure of Škėvonys

Škėvonys Birštonas municipality 59009, Lithuania

The Exposure of Škėvonys

It is one of the best known rock exposures of alluvium period in the slopes of the Nemunas valley. Extending in a stretch of more than a half of kilometre the exposure is a unique section of Škėvonys ridge with clear layers of the sediments of the two last glacial periods and interglacial period.  The remaining decayed crust is of the thickness of 1 - 2.5 m (redly brown and yellow belt is visible in the height of 5 m above the water). The height of exposure seeks 33 metres. From 1984, the Exposure of Škėvonys is a national nature monument.  It is also included in the list of the most valuable geological objects in the Northwest Europe.  The exposure is best visible when sailing in Nemunas or from the other side of the river - in Giraitiškės resort.

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