The Mound of Paverkniai

Situated on the left bank of Verknė river, Medeikonys village, Birštonas municipality, Lithuania

The Mound of Paverkniai

This hill of the height of 14m is called as the Hill of Ginkus, Žydeikoniai and Kisieliškės by the locals.  In the XI-XIIth centuries, a wooden castle which was twice attacked and burned by the enemies used to stand on the mound  The major part of the mound has been destroyed due to erosion and part of the mound has slid towards the Verknė River.  Only the western slope and escarp remained.  In 1953 and 1971, the exploratory archaeological researches of the mound were carried out by the Lithuanian Institute of History, whereas in 1994 the researches were led by archaeologist Gintautas Zabiela. The newest researches were carried out in 2010. The mound is listed in the register of cultural values (the unique number 22967).

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