Palanga Botanical Park

Vytauto st., Palanga, Lithuania

Palanga Botanical Park

Palanga Botanical Park

Palanga Botanical Park This landscape park is one of the prettiest, best preserved, and best maintained parks in Lithuania’s coastal region. In 1897 Count Feliksas Tiškevičius founded this park around the palace built in the same year. The park was designed by the famous French landscape architect and botanist Eduard Fransua André, (1840 – 1911), who spent three summers in Palanga with his son René Eduard André (1867 – 1942) supervising the park’s construction. The Belgian gardener Buyssen de Coulon assisted them.
The contrast of scenery is emphasized by the palace’s regular shape: the northern side of which opens onto a magnificent terrace with the steps leading into the park. Flowers and a fountain add more to the effect.
The southern side of the palace is surrounded by an oval rose garden that is connected to the palace’s terraces by stairs.
Experts guess that the park’s founders planted about 500 different kinds of trees and bushes. The trees were brought to Palanga from Berlin, Karaliaučius and other European botanical gardens.
Today the park covers an area of approximately 100 ha. Trees cover 60 ha, fields – 24,5 ha, flowers – 0,5 ha, flowing water – 1,16 ha. There are 7 sculptures and a number of other architectural structures there. The park has watering and decorative lighting systems.
The park is financed by the town of Palanga.

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