Žemaičių alkas (Samogitian sanctuary)

Palanga, Lithuania

Žemaičių alkas (Samogitian sanctuary)

In XIV c. on the top of Birutė hill astronomical observations were carried out. The replica of this paleoastronomic observatory was constructed in the northern part of Šventoji settlement, not far from Health centre “Energetikas”, and was named as “Žemaičių alkas” (Samogitian sanctuary). The research was carried out by Palanga branch of Samogitians’ culture organisation. In June 1998, wooden poles carved by folk artists were put up on the dune. Each column corresponds to the names of mythological gods and goddesses of the Balts: Perkūnas (Thunder), Aušrinė (Morning star the Venus), Žemyna (Goddess of Earth Vitality), Austėja (Goddess of Bees), Ondenis (Water God), Patrimpas (God of plants and Spring), Patulas (Unger earth God), Velnias (God of Dead Souls), Leda (Mother of Gods) and heavenly bodies - Saulė (the Sun) and Mėnulis (the Moon). With the help of these poles, it is possible to fix the main calendar holidays of the Balts: Dew holiday, Stork’s Day, Shrove Thuesday, Christmas etc.

More information: http://www.palangatic.lt

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