Amber Gallery

Skruzdynė st 17, Nida, Lithuania.

Gintaro galerija Nidoje

Gintaro galerija Nidoje

Gintaro galerija Nidoje

Gintaro galerija Nidoje

Cozy Gallery is founded near the house of Thomas Mann. Linen and amber can be purchased here. Helpful employees could tell a story of Baltic amber, and will answer visitors' questions.

Visitors of the gallery can see Lithuanian artists‘ works of contemporary or classical design, pieces of natural amber, amber with inclusions. If visitors buy something, they get a certificate, which proves that the article was made of natural Baltic amber. Visitors have plenty to choose in this gallery. Here you can see a minimalistic amber treatment, when the author only slightly emphasizes the perfection of nature, or the articles with a more artistic and showing the artist‘s individuality. People, who don’t like to prink up, can choose an amulet that would protect them from bad energy, or a piece of amber, which, if carried in the pocket, would provide them strength. Amber goes with linen very well, thus, visitors can buy an item clothe of this fabric if they like any.

There is also flax being grown near the gallery. When spring comes and the first sun beams appear, flax seeds are poured into ground. While nature is coming to life, one can watch the first fragile flax shoots coming through and trying to get as much sunlight and warmth as possible. Thanks to gallery’s employees who watch, water and weed out the flax, visitors can be introduced to the process of growing up the flax.

There is a small museum of flax treatment in this gallery. Flax spinning is performed by an ancient equipment of flax treatment. A complex process of flax conversion into linen can be watched. The result is various linen clothing collections exhibited in the gallery. Visitors can see both simple and copyright works, which are original and of high quality.
The gallery has a big collection of weather vanes. A weather vane is like a fisherman's identity-card. From the weather vane you could learn about ship kurėnas’s owner, about his family and social position. In 1844 a weather vane was put into service as a ship's identification mark. The government could control fishermen so that they would fish in the right territory. These and other fascinating facts visitors can learn by listening to the story of the weather vanes. They have also an opportunity to buy weather vanes, which became a souvenir in the Curonian Spit.

Amber Gallery
Skruzdynės st 17a, Nida
Phone: 8-469 52052

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