Parnidis dune in Nida

Nida, Neringa municipality, Lithuania

Parnidis dune in Nida

Parnidis dune is a favourite place of interest for the holidaymakers. One may enjoy the Neringa landscape from here. Naked “travelling” dunes panorama opens to the south, as well as the highest on the spit Glider’s Dune (earlier it reached 70m. above sea level). Carpet of dwarf mountain pines covers Angių and Urbo hills to the north. Red-tiled roof Nida house silhouettes are scattered among them. There is a commemorative cross to sculptor R. Dauginčius on the south-western slope of the dune. A sundial was built in 1995 on top of the dune - a 13,8 meter stone pole weighting 36 tons. In 1999 Anatolijus storm destroyed this contrasting to the surroundings structure. Slopes of the dune are very vulnerable, therefore it is forbidden to climb them: every climbing person moves down several tons of sand. 

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