Zemaiciu Naumiestis

Zemaiciu Naumiestis, Silute distr., Lithuania.

Zemaiciu Naumiestis

Zemaiciu Naumiestis - the old Zemaitija frontier town with stone based plaza, first mentioned in 1650. 7 roads lead to Zemaiciu Naumiestis. From 1750 the town had the privilege of marketing, since 1792, Magdeburg right. In the old wooden church of Saint Archangel Michael which was built in 1790 there are some old paintings and sculpture works. Zemaiciu Naumiestis has an operating museum. Martynas Mazvydas the first Lithuanian book writer (1547 y.) was born and grew up near Zemaiciu Naumiestis. A stone memorial was built for him. Towns unchanged architecture over the years, attracts Lithuanian film makers.

Source: www.siluteinfo.lt 

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algimantas 2013-02-05 17:37
pasilgau naumiescio

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